Mechanics of the exercise

For each abstracted picture you will select
Person - the individual represented
     Mohammed (himself)
     Islamic Celebrity (famous or prominent individual of known Islamic faith)
     Other Celebrity (known as not of Islamic faith)
     Unknown Individual (thus of undetermined faith)

Genre of the depiction
     Political (certain political figures/events or designed to influence politics)
     Historical (attempt at accurate history or news)
     Fictional (actions, places, events that did not happen)
     General (just a picture)

Intent or desired goal - purpose of making the picture
     Derogatory/Inflamatory (to denigrate, insult, or attack)
     Representative (just a picture no ulterior motive)
     Promotional (supportive, advertising, publicity)
     Instructive (visual reference, guide, or illustration)

Then imagine the source picture and select your
Reaction to that imagined picture
     Angered (verge of going medieval on their ass)
     Offended (they are no longer welcome in your home and you might sue)
     Neutral (ok, so its a picture)
     Favorable (would like it on facebook)


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